German Design Award 2019

Two of our bags have been awarded the International Premium Prize by the German Design Council, right at the beginning of the new season.   As successor to both of the prize-winning bags from last year, the Belford City Bag and the Dufton Messenger Bag, this year we received the coveted award for the NORCO Portree Rucksack Bag and the Kilmore Commuter Bag.

As part of the initiative of the German Federal Parliament, the German Design Council was originally formed as a foundation and has awarded products that consistently communicate the message of the brand through their design, since 1953.  The NORCO Portree Rucksack Bag has been awarded this year for its excellent product design that portrays its brand value.

The NORCO Kilmore Commuter Bag was presented with the accolade “Special Mention”.  This award doesn’t only recognise the overall design of the bag, but also takes into account the many small details that make the concept of the design of the Kilmore Commuter Bag into an elegant and valued companion.

We are delighted to be able to continue our success of the NORCO bags this year, with both of these accolades.