Bicycle Brand Contest 2019

Bicycle Brand Contest 2019

Rewarded for uniqueness – We are proud once again to be able to hold the Bicycle Brand Award in our hands.  The NORCO Portree Backpack Bag also received an award in 2019.

Each year, The Bicycle Brand Contest enables The German Design Council to reward the industry for excellent product and communication design.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a technical gadget, practical accessory or a sustainably produced bike, the cycling industry is constantly being developed. 

The products have been defined and differentiated for a long time now through their brand and design.  

The criteria for this accolade are high as the mere functionality doesn’t satisfy the customer’s needs anymore. An ingenious product and communication design coupled with a significant amount of added value is what the customers are looking for.

The NORCO Portree Backpack Bag managed to convince the expert jury in all 3 of the requirements.  We are extremely pleased that our Portree Backpack Bag has received yet another accolade!